Memory Eternal! +Daniel of Erie.

Bishop Daniel of Erie.

Vladyka Daniel reposed in the Lord after a long illness this morning. He visited our parish several times and regaled us with many edifying stories. He also was involved in the design of the St Seraphim Cathedral in Dallas.

We will serve a panakhida for the repose of his soul tonight in the almost finished McKinney church, at  7:30 ish (I am at work, and will get there asap)

Michael Daum was especially fond of Bishop Daniel, and wrote the following today:

Christ is Risen
Memory Eternal

In the 1950's he was asked by the Metropolitan to come to St. Nicholas in Dallas and be the parish priest. He told me that he understood parish mostly Spanish speaking. He got a blessing from St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco to serve the Old Rite and declined to come to Dallas. Being very obedient he did come many years later to help. He was fluent in 26 languages. He once sat at my house and used our Hebrew typewriter. He napped at our house. He said most of his brother bishops would be uncomfortable. He said it reminded him of his.

 We had a wonderful conversation about grief as we traveled together through the hill country from Dallas.We went through south Dallas and he told me the affirmative action joke about a man who went to language school and mastered the Russian language and all the local area accents. He was secretly released into Russia. Walking through the villages and talking to people he was soon arrested. He asked how they knew. They said that it was his Pushkin skin color.

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    A sorrow for people & a Joy for angels…
    May God accept his prayers & labors for the glorification of His Holy Name.
    Tsarstvie Nebesnoe!
    Vladyka Daniel, pray to God for me a sinner, when you face Him in His Kingdom…
    Many thanks for this short but such an enlightening story. Really, righteous people leave joy to us when they leave us themselves.

  2. Gerasimos+ says:

    Eternal Memory to an Orthodox Bishop. May we be guided by his prayers, and blessed by his intercessions.

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