The moment before we receive the Paschal light…


The moment before we receive the Paschal light is a holy moment, a quiet moment, which the soul so often needs. The church is dark, and still, and we are full of anticipation.

As we are singing "Thy resurrection…", first softly then louder, and getting ready to bring the Paschal light through the Royal doors, out in the darkness is heard in a stage whisper (that is, loud):



(E, aged 4 ("I am almost five!"))

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  1. Gerasimos says:

    Christ Is Risen, In Jerusalem–the Holy Fire of God lit the Candles–In the media they focused not on the miracle, but the contention of fraud, on the pilgims who paid to gain entrance to the Holy Sepulcher. But we should not be concerned about what the world says. for our Light is the True light, and if they dead should rise, and Icons weep myrrh, and the sick be healed, and they angry made gentle, then do we care if they do not see the Holy Fire? Glory to God for all things. Please pray for Father Christiopher Walusimbi, and his Holy Suffering Flock of the Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church on Bukasa Island in Lake Victoria. There with God's Grace he has aided orphans, rescued the sick and suffering and I tell you the best  of our fasting does not even come close to the daily fare of those suffering True Believers.
    Chisto Azukiday
    Mukasa Sasireh!
    Christ is risen, Indeed he is Risen

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