We need some help to finish our temple in McKinney Texas

March 3/16 2010. Fifth Tuesday of Great Lent.

Dear Friends of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church,


          Reaching the final stages of our building project, St. Nicholas has encountered unexpectedly high costs for the completion of the landscaping required by the city of McKinney.


          We have received a quote of $35,000: $7,600 for the installation of the required sprinkler system, $11,000 for the required trees and plants (the city has specified exactly what we must plant), and $15,000 for soil, fertilizer, grass and tree/plant installation.


          This quote is about $20,000 higher than we expected, and these costs will prevent us from moving into our new facility – if we spend every dime we have available, we still will be far short. This is a critical time, and we need help.


          If there are any potential benefactors with landscaping experience who can help us out through reduced-fee or pro bono service, we would be very grateful! We may be able to supply some unskilled labor. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are able to help, or know someone whom you can get us in contact with.


Of course, we are in severe need at this time, and cash donations are also much appreciated. We are also open to loans with very favorable terms that we can afford.


You would be a founding benefactor of our parish if you help us in any way, and all that we are able to give to you we will give – all founding benefactors are in perpetual dyptichs that are passed from rector to rector – you will be remembered by name in the Divine Liturgy.


Yours in Christ,




Priest Seraphim Holland


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