Ambvon Prayer on the Feast of the Nativity of the Savior

Nativity of the Savior - Novgorod.

O Master, Christ our God, Who from before all ages didst shine forth from the  Father [Greek: "from Thine unoriginate Father"] without  passion,

and in the latter days wast ineffably incarnate and born of the most  holy Virgin;

Who for our sakes wast made poor, that by Thy poverty we might be  enriched;

Who wast wrapped in swaddling clothes as an infant, and laid in a manger,

yet as God possessest all things: Thyself accept our humble prayers and  praises, as Thou didst the Shepherds’ songs of praise and the gifts and homage of  the Magi.

Make us to be like unto the heavenly Host praising Thee in hymns, Who art born  on earth;

Shew us to be heirs of the eternal joy prepared for those that worthily honor  Thy Nativity.

Grant victories to the Orthodox Christians, uphold Thy Churches, Thy priests  and all Thy people.

For Thou art God that lovest mankind, and art glorified, together with Thine  unoriginate Father, and Thine all-holy, and Good, and Life-creating Spirit, now  and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

From an ancient Ambon Prayer. This text appears in Greek and Slavonic in Orlov’s "Divine  Liturgy of St.Basil", as Prayer No. 73. Provided by Fr John Shaw, (Bishop Jerome) via email



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