Sunday Of The Holy Forefathers. The Great Supper

Especially note the words "quickly" and "compel"! 



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2 Responses to “Sunday Of The Holy Forefathers. The Great Supper”

  1. Deborah says:

    Thank you so much for this strong exhortation, Father.

    My heart is glad and I am grateful beyond words that He has come to call and compel me to His feast. It is only through His mercy that I am able to come. He created me with the capacity to see and to walk but my sins left me in the street, blind and lame, ignorant of the Master’s invitation and unable to come even if I had heard the call. But in His mercy, He came to me, the blind, lame beggar in the street and His Love compelled and carried me to His table.

  2. Achy says:

    i love you father i remember at you and you remember at me

    peace and love

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