Feast of St. Nicholas

On Saturday, December 19th (December 6th on the Church Calendar), St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church will celebrate its patronal feast day. Unfortunately, our new temple will not be ready in time for this event, so the service will be held in our current facility in Dallas; God willing, the new it will be ready by February.

His Grace Peter, Bishop of Cleveland will preside over the divine services. The schedule of services is here. is below. During the Divine Liturgy, an ordination to the diaconate is planned.

2 Responses to “Feast of St. Nicholas”

  1. Glory to God for all who love the Lord and love the sinner. May our Holy Bishops be just that, Holy! An Holy Offering unto the Lord. And may our prayers, though they do not rise above our nose, be as incense that God may bless all Orthodox Hierarchs to RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE WORD OF TRUTH.
    In Christ

  2. Yes, dear Gerasimos, may our bishops be holy. In our day many bishops are not only not holy, but are addicted to sin, power and uncleanness. I am in a poor church, but I have confidence that my bishop is good. He would not want me to call him holy, and I will not, but I know that he is not evil either!

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