Pro-life ads on MTV!

I saw this on a mailing list I subscribe to. I think pro-life ads are an EXCELLENT idea. I looked at some of them, and was impressed. FYI.

If God grants us growth in our new temple, it is my fervent desire that we become very involved in helping the community, as God sends us laborers. Some type of involvement in pro-life ministry is a possibility. Our involvement in reaching out to the community will depend on our size and fervor, and the laborers God sends. The bedrock upon all Christian outreach is prayer. This we do, and will increase when we are in our new temple. I have the ambition to serve some type of service daily in the temple (mostly in the morning). With God’s help, we will serve the "cycle" of services bit by bit throughout the five days of the week (mon-fri): Vespers, Compline, Midnight Office, Matins, the Hours and Divine Liturgy. We already serve Vespers and Liturgy during the week, and as we gain strength, I will add other services. Upon this "cornerstone", I hope very much that we will become active in many realms. May it be blessed!

Priest Seraphim. Quoted story follows.

Look out MTV, Here Come Pro-Life Ads which Have Been Shown to Decrease Abortion Numbers

By John-Henry Westen

ROSWELL, GA, November 24, 2008 ( – Pro-life television commercials with a proven track record of substantially lowering abortion rates are set to air on MTV beginning the day after Christmas.

With more than 98% of US homes having televisions, and the average American spending over 5 hours every day consuming media, it is easy to see how VirtueMedia can reach millions of people each day using powerful broadcast commercials to positively affect culture.

Four U.S. regions with significant abortion-vulnerable populations recently reported a decrease in abortions in response to the airing of VirtueMedia’s educational pro-life ads, partnered with other effective pro-life efforts.

– Abortion rates have dropped nearly 20% in Arizona (2004 vs. 2007). Since 2005, VirtueMedia began to air pro-life television ads year-round, in collaboration with the Diocese of Phoenix.

– Abortion rates decreased 12% in Montgomery County, OH (Dayton) since 2006, when VirtueMedia ads began airing in partnership with Dayton Right to Life.

– Since opening a second office in Georgia and beginning to air crisis pregnancy ads in Atlanta in 2005, abortion rates have declined nearly 10% in metro Atlanta. In just one month, VirtueMedia ads in Atlanta generated 2,646 calls for help from abortion vulnerable women. In contrast, abortion rates have increased in other areas of Georgia, where pro-life TV ads did not air.

– In Charlotte, abortions have declined 15% in the past year, since VirtueMedia commercials began airing in collaboration with North Carolina Right to Life and local churches. Abortions increased in other counties in North Carolina, where VirtueMedia ads did not air.

VirtueMedia, Inc., a 501C3 national non profit media organization founded in 1998 by Tom Peterson, is endorsed by the Vatican, Priests for Life, Focus on the Family, Silent No More, and many other organizations. The organization’s TV and radio ads are licensed to pro-life groups and are available in both English and Spanish.

VirtueMedia’s TV portfolio contains a number of messages utilized for sanctity of life education, crisis pregnancy outreach, post abortion-healing, as well as legislative issues such as embryonic stem cell experimentation and informed consent. Crisis pregnancy ads will air nationwide on MTV and BET beginning December 26th.

View the ads online here:

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