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Vote for Christina!

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

I recently got a post from Christina asking for some help. She is a really good photographer and has taken, maybe, a gazillion photos of Nadya. Her picture, left, is a finalist in a baby photo contest. I will let her explain:

Wow! I entered a Mother’s Day photography contest with a $1000 grand prize, and I just found out I’m one of 20 finalists!

So now I need as many votes as possible. Please, will you go vote for me?

This was my entry.

And this is where you can vote.


It might seem like an odd choice. There are no snuggles, no kisses, no grins in this picture. You can’t even tell it’s us. But to me, this image defines motherhood more than any other.

I look at this photo and am transported back to that moment in time: the first time my little girl brought me “flowers.” It was an unexpected gift, a moment that made my heart swell with love, burst with pride. A moment that made me thank God for making me Nadia’s Mommy.

Motherhood is full of frustrations and triumphs, tears and laughter and worry. But it’s the moments that catch us by surprise and fill us with more love than our hearts can hold which make motherhood what it is.

And the moment captured in that picure was one of those motherhood-defining moments for me. And that’s what motherhood is about.

I’m Momology – Adventures in Motherhood and Photography.

Thanks a million!

So, in order to help a very proud grandfather and father, please go to the link, and vote for Christiana’s picture. Here is the link again:

Video: "Make a change with your change" – RESULTS!

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

On Pascha, we counted our change. This video, by our parish “video documentalist”, Natalia, shows the process. I especially love how both of the twins asked to help in their squeaky little voices, and they were put to work putting pennies in a cup!

Anybody want to guess HOW MUCH we collected in only a month? The answer is in the video!

VIDEO:Choir singing "Shine Shine, O new Jerusalem…"

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

“Shine, shine, O new Jerusalem,
for the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee;
dance now and be glad, O Sion,
do thou exult, O pure Theotokos,
in the arising of Him Whom thou didst bear.”
Sung by the choir at St Nicholas, Dallas/MCKINNEY! Texas
Want to see more? Visit Natalia Hawthorne’s videos, and subscribe to them if you wish.
Thank you Natalia! This is a great idea! I hope you do a lot more.