Great Lent, the 3rd Week, Thursday, The Sixth Hour- "the ensign of the people" – Isaiah 11:10-12:2

In that day the root of Jesse, who standeth for an ensign of the people, him the Gentiles shall beseech, and his sepulchre shall be glorious.

Great Lent, the Third Week, Thursday, The Sixth Hour, Isaiah 11:10, from the selection: Isaiah 11:10-12:2

The “root of Jesse” is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ, who came from the line of Jesse.

Ensign” can also be rendered “standard”, and this is a foreshadowing of the precious cross. The cross is our ensign; we venerate it because of our Lord’s accomplishments upon it, and we look to it to teach us the “way of the cross”, that is, imitating the moral life of our Savior.

His sepulchre shall be glorious” is a prophesy regarding our Lords tomb – it indeed would be glorious when He rose from the dead in it.

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