Great Lent, The Second Sunday – The Paralytic – Interpretation by St Gregory Palamas – Mark 2:1-12

We just read the Gospel from St Mark about the paralytic this past Sunday of Great Lent. I just saw the following quote from a sermon by St Gregory Palamas, and I thought it was too good to wait until next year to share it with you.

“… the paralyzed man is any soul that thinks of turning back to the Lord and is brought to Him by these four things:

confession of sins,
the promise to renounce evil,
and prayer to God.” On the subject of the Paralyzed Man Taken from The Homilies of St. Gregory Palamas Vol. 2, compiled by Christopher Veniamin. Homily 29 “On the subject of the Paralyzed Man who, according to Matthew the Evangelist, was healed in Capernaum. Also on Godly Sorrow”
It would be a worthwhile use of your tiume if you read this sermon.

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