Great Lent, the first week. ,Clean Monday

The Lord knoweth the way of the righteous, and the way of the ungodly shall perish. `(The Prokeimenon, Psalm 1, in the 4th Tone, Monday in the First Week – At the Sixth Hour)

This “knowing” is a mutual relationship. When the Christian hears this prokeimenon, his heart should burn with desire to be righteous, because the Lord only speaks of knowing such. Of course, the Lord knows all things, but only to the righteous does He choose to reveal Himself. Therefore, those whom the Lord knows also know Him. To those He knows, He grants knowledge of Himself.
This knowledge is the fruit of understanding. To understand someone, we must emulate them, and intimately know the details of their life, because we have lived them. Only a soldier can understand what another soldier has felt in time of war. Only a mother can understand a mother’s love for her child. To understand love is to love. Only the righteous know the way of the Lord.
In this season of change, we should have two prayers upon our lips, and the two are the same, to become righteous and to know the Lord.
With God’s help, I will try to post short thoughts on some aspect of our lenten days. Thougts will come from the daily readings and service texts, and sometimes from the Ladder of Divine Ascent, which many traditionally read during Great Lent.
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