To feel good, you must do good.

I know so many of you have heard this from me a million times: “To feel good you must do good” I will never tire of saying it, because it is true, and to understand this is a key to happiness and a fruitful life. Just maybe, some of you tire of hearing the same thing so many times, so I present to you today, the SAME THING said DIFFERENTLY:

“What means, ‘that they be careful to maintain good works?’ That they wait not for those who are in want to come to them, but that they seek out those who need their assistance. Thus the considerate man shows his concern, and with great zeal will he perform this duty. For in doing good actions, it is not those who receive the kindness that are benefited, so much as those who do it that make gain and profit, for it gives them confidence towards God.”

St. John Chrysostom.

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