Many of our readers know that we are attempting to build a new temple in Dallas, and we are very small, with limited reserves and income.
The proper approach that all of us must us use in such a difficult situation is to reach OUT, and not IN. By this I mean, that if we are to be a light on the candlestand, and a proper, healthy parish, we must think of others as well as ourselves. It is not right to say we are poor, and cannot give, or that we are undermanned, and cannot help. The more we think of others, the more healthy we we become.
That is why I consider an important part of our PARISH ministry to be the prison visits I do twice a month (others are planning to become involved), and pastoral visits to places in need, such as Ft Hood. These things are not my ministry; they are our ministry, because the support I receive in many different ways enables me to help others. In the same way, any of our efforts to minister to others from within our parish, such as visiting the sick, those in prison, the “fatherless” (as we just read this week in St James!), parish or privately organized alms giving, etc, ALL contribute to the welfare of our parish.
If anybody has any ideas that they think I can help them with, please contact me.
Parish ministry can be with the priest, guided by the priest, helped by the priest, but it must never be ONLY by the priest!
I am very proud of our little parish. We are gaining momentum, and many are becoming involved in many ways. May God bless us to live the life in Christ together.
Your fellow co-minister,
Priest Seraphim

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