Newsletter, 3rd Week after Pentecost

Services this week (3rd week after Pentecost)


  • Monday, June 11: 6:30 PM 1st Reader/Liturgics class for those interested in learning how to read in church.
  • Saturday, June 16: 4:00 PM Church Council Meeting to discuss our plans for the future – all are welcome!


At Saturday's Church Council meeting, we will be discussing our plans for the future of our parish, including options for the use of our land, possibilities for building a church, and related topics. Please join us if you wish to be a part of this discussion.

This week in the life of the Church

Sunday, May 17th is important in a number of ways. We will continue our joyful celebration of the fruits of Pentecost by remembering all the saints who have shown forth in North America. In addition, this day is the commemoration of the New Martyrs of the Turkish Yoke.

Remember that on each and every day of the year, the church remembers the saints, and their lives provide inspirational and instructive examples for us, showing us how to live our new life in Christ, and proving that it really is possible to do so. There are links on our blog to the saints lives, as well as readings from Holy Scripture, for each day.

About the All-Night Vigil

On a separate blog post, we are serializing Fr. Victor Potapov's article about the structure and meaning of the All-Night Vigil service, in the hopes that it will help all of use come to better understand and appreciate this wonderful service.

Prayer Requests

"I was sick and you visited me." We have petitions for the sick, for travelers, and in general for those in need during the Liturgy; so, if you or someone you know needs prayer or would like a visit, please let Father Seraphim know.

Help with the Services

Helping with the services is an important ministry to God and to other members of the parish. We can always use help singing in the choir, reading the prayers and psalms, or assisting in the Altar during the Divine Liturgy. If you wish to help in the Altar, please speak to Father Seraphim. If you wish to help sing or read, please speak to Nicholas Park.

We will hold a monthly liturgics class, for those interested in learning more about the structure of the services or how to read in church. Our first meeting will be this Monday, June 11th, at 6:30 PM.

We will be holding monthly choir rehearsals, God willing, beginning on Monday, June 25th at 6:30 PM.

Our Sunday School

Raissa Dudar, Matushka Marina and Christina Newell are teaching a class for our youngest children during the sermon each Sunday. Nicholas Park and David Hawthorne are teaching a class for the older children after Trapeza, at roughly 12:30. If you would like to help with the program, please speak to Raissa, Nicholas, or Father Seraphim.

Our Bookstore

Please see and use our bookstore. We have books, icons, CD's, Pascha and Nativity cards, souveniers and other items. When you buy something, please put the following into the donation box, together with the payment: the item name and the dollar ($) amount of the payment. There are pads for your use for this purpose in the bookstore. If you wish to help maintain the bookstore, please speak to Nicholas Park

Our Parish Library

Our parish library is an opportunity to pool our resources, given each of us access to spiritually profitable books, CD's and other items that we would not otherwise be able to afford. By borrowing from the library, you can have more resources to help you grow in the love of God, and by donating to the library, you can express your love for others by helping them to do the same. When you borrow from the library, please write the name of the book or CD on the clipboard, and return the items within four weeks. If you have materials to donate to the library, or if you wish to help maintain the collection, please speak to Nicholas Park

St. Juliana Sisterhood

All women are welcome to be members of our Sisterhood. To become one, please contact Raisa Dudar.

Mary needs Martha! – Cleaning the Church

An excellent opportunity open to both men and women to help maintain the beauty, warmth and hospitable atmosphere of our parish is to help clean the church. In addition to participating in our periodic clean-up days, you may also sign-up to help with one of the tasks that must be done on a weekly basis. The sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board in the kitchen. You may see Matushka Marina or Nicholas Park for more information.

We will have a church clean-up day at 1:30 PM on Saturday, June 23rd. Please come, and help us beautify God's church!

Financial Stewardship

All Orthodox Christians should make financial contributions to the parish of which they are a part. Doing so enables the parish to be sustained financially, puts one in the position of being a benefactor to the Church, and is an important way to put Christ first in our lives. Our Lord says, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Our parish needs a larger monthly income; currently we are just able to meet our expenses, despite having cut these back to the bare minimum. May the Lord help us as we prayerfully consider our pledge to our church. Tithing (giving 10%) from one's income is a good foundation for personal giving with ample precedent in the life of the Church.

Our Building Fund

Every Orthodox community should build a temple to God's glory. Given the condition of our current facility, it is important for us to move forward with our building plans. To make a contribution to the Building Fund, you can make out a check to St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, and write in the memo line, "Building Fund."

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