Church Fathers Collections

An Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith The classic Orthodox dogmatics text, by St. John Damascene. Formatted for ease of reading, with an index, and multiple hypertext links.
  • The Church Fathers (the CCEL site)
  • Also offers a low cost CD - a great value.
    The Ecole Initiative: Early Church Documents
    Very Comprehensive
    Early Church Fathers Collection
    Early Church Fathers Collection
    Download the Complete Early Church Fathers Series in WinHelp Format: A 37-volume electronic collection of writings.
  • The Scriptorium
  • Lord's Prayer in Aramaic, Dead Sea Scrolls, Gospel of Thomas, Secret Mark, other books
    The Gospel Of Thomas Home Page & Translation On Line
  • Guide to Early Church Documents #1
  • Noncanonical Writings Homepage with LINKS
  • St. Pachomius Library
  • "THE ST. PACHOMIUS LIBRARY seeks to make the literature of the early Christian Church available to all in electronic form -- for free! "

Short Quotes from the Holy Fathers

Selected Writings of the Holy Fathers, alphabetical

Cyril of Alexandria Desert Fathers Gregory Nazianzen John Climacus Lenten Triodion - excerpts

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