We are building a deck because our trapeza is too small.

We have a good “problem”. We built a small temple with an even smaller hall because that was all we could afford, and started worshipping in it June 2011. We have grown enough to make it impossible to fit everybody in our tiny trapeza (church hall).

We have decided to build a covered deck outside the hall, since adding to the building is way out of our means right now. This will more than double our usable dining space. It is important to have more dining space, since a very important part of our community life is that we always eat a meal (not just donuts and coffee!) together after liturgy.

We plan to add fans, heaters, misters and plastic sheeting, like you see in some restaurants, so we can use the deck year round.

We have a donation to build the deck, but will need to raise funds for the absolutely necessary roof, tables, etc. The deck will be about 7 or 8 thousand, and a shingled roof will be about 9 thousand (we are exploring a canvas roof to reduce costs). We will also need to get fans, tables, etc.

Would you help us?

Pictures of design included.

Newsletter. Themes of 2nd Sunday of Lent, svc schedule, prayer requests, more.

The services for this 2nd Sunday of Great Lent have two major themes: our Lord’s parable of the Prodigal Son and the memory of St. Gregory Palamas.

We heard the parable of the Prodigal Son at the Divine Liturgy 2 weeks before Lent began, and the theme is repeated in the texts of the services throughout the fast, especially during this week. This parable is to a very great degree the theme of Great Lent. …