Hummus – 3 Recipes

Three recipes for hummus, the first of which I have had at the 6th Annual Winter Retreat at St George the Great Martyr Orthodox Church (Pharr Texas, “down in the valley…”). It was fantastic.

I have not had not tasted the other recipes, but everything I had at the retreat was great, including a vegan posole that was incredible. When I am worthy to get that recipe I will share it.

Havana Black Beans from Abby.

A recipe from our sisterhood. This is really good, and a bit hot. It was a massive hit at one of our trapezas.

There is no need to use the olive oil. I sautee things in water all the time. In almost any recipe, where oil is used to sautee onions or someting else, you can use water. Try it! You need not break the oil fast unless you want to. …