Our choir sings 3 stichera from the Triodion for the Publican and Pharisee


Publican and PhariseeSynopsis: Our choir sings the 3 stichera from the Triodion for the Publican & Pharisee (and an infant occasionally provides a little commentary!) The refrains are intoned by an 8 year old child. We do this often, for those children who want to learn to sing. We are learing to use our new Zoom recorder.

More music is HERE

If the "LISTEN NOW" link does not work, copy this URL into your browser: http://www.orthodox.net/music/great-lent-sunday-before-great-lent-02_2012-02-05+publican-and-pharisee+lord-i-have-cried.m3u

If this file does not work for you, try the direct link to the actual mp3 file:http://www.orthodox.net/music/great-lent-sunday-before-great-lent-02_2012-02-05+publican-and-pharisee+lord-i-have-cried.mp3

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