Orthodox Icons related to Abortion

Orthodox are pro-life, and the church knows what real life is! Any popular movement needs a good symbol or symbols. I asked recently about “abortion related” icons and was DELUGED with answers! I only asked on our parish mailing list and on the Friends of St Sava list (our closest sister parish). Here are some of the suggestions, starting with the one that is my choice, the Lament of Rachel.

I am presenting these to show the diversity in expression about abortion in Orthodox icons, but if truth be told, I have rather strict criteria for an icon that I would want to use when I write abut abortion. I think it should not be extremely innovative, or gruesome, but at the same time, should speak to the emotional horror of abortion. I think the lament of Rachel fulfills all these criteria. …

Sanctity Of Life Sunday. Christians Must Not Accept Abortion and Sexual Immorality Being Redefined 2011

Excerpt:: …I want to tell you that as a Christian, you must not allow the times to influence you. Right now we are in the midst of the rewriting of language; even "God" means something different now than it did only a few years ago, and "Christian" means something different. Now, there are those that say that: You can be a Christian and be pro choice; You can be a Christian and abort your child; You can be a Christian and be a practicing unrepentant homosexual. These things are not possible, brothers and sisters. You can be a Christian and be guilty of any sin and repent from it. You can be a Christian and be weak in some area of your life, maybe even for a long period of time, and struggle against this weakness. But you cannot be a Christian and give in wholly to the way of the times and believe: That one can be pro-choice and that it is correct for a woman to take that which is in her womb, a human being created in the image and likeness of God, and kill it. …

The First Great Catch of Fish Compared with the Second – Luke 5:1-11 & John 21:1-14

The first great catch of fish, in Luke 5:1-11, occurred at the very beginning of the ministry of Jesus with His apostles. It must be read in conjunction with the second great fish of 153 fishes, which occurred after the resurrection, and was His last earthly meal with His apostles (John 21:1-14). There are many beautiful morsels here! After sampling this beautiful smorgasbord, we must not miss the most important aspect of this story: 1. the command to “let down the nets” applies to everyone, and 2. after the disciples saw the power of the Lord, they left all and followed Him. If we do not learn these two things from these stories, we have learned nothing.

40 Days for Life Dallas Rally (Sat, Oct 15) with Priest Seraphim Hipsch speaking

Our parish is participating in the “40 days for life” event in Dallas, by praying at various times during a 12 hour period, October 19th, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. I endorse this event, and am personally participating in it.

I encourage (I am asking) everyone in my parish to try to participate in this event. We will be praying only with Orthodox Christians. I do not recommend or agree with participating in prayer with non-Orthodox, but we can share similar goals and collaborate in activities, such as this worthy cause.

Abortion is a cancer which kills much more than an unborn child. We must pray not only for mothers who are contemplating abortion, but also those who have had abortions and are suffering in many ways. The world tells them that they have a “right to choose”, but the soul tells them something is wrong.

I will try to make it to this rally, to hear Fr Seraphim speak. There may be some things there that we are not accustomed to and do not do in our Orthodox Christian way of life, and even some things that we cannot agree with but overall, supporting this event is the right thing to do.

Priest Seraphim Holland

Here is a flyer about the rally

The Rich get sick more because of self-indulgence. Saint John Chrysostom understands medicine!

St John Chrysostom many times in his sermons remonstrated against the indulgences of the rich. In the following passage, he shows great medical understanding also. In our day, with diabetes and obesity at epidemic levels, and all sorts of cancers and other maladies that are diet related, reputable doctors would certainly agree with him. Regarding the rich man who indulges himself and is beggarly concerning the poor he says: