Electronic Newsletter June 27/July 10 St. Sampson the Hospitable

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, McKinney, Texas

Electronic Newsletter

June 27/July 10

St. Sampson the Hospitable

Prayer Requests
Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week
Fasting in the Coming week

Synaxis of the Holy Apostles Icon, with Peter and Paul in front.

Synaxis of the Holy Apostles Icon, with Peter and Paul in front.

O first-enthroned among the Apostles and preachers of the whole world: entreat the Master of all that He grant peace to the world and great mercy to our souls!


Good news! There are still seats available for our fundraiser on Sunday, July 17th, and the Bingham House has graciously allowed us to continue to sell tickets. Igumen Gregory from St. Arsenius Hermitage in Decator will present a talk about "Prayer and its Practice." The talk will take place across the street at the Bingham House. Parishioners are encouraged to attend.

Parishioners are also asked, if possible, to help provide the complementary refreshments during the talk. Emails have been sent out to the St. Julianna Sisterhood list with suggested menu items that need to be provided. If you have any questions, contact Elaine King. .

This event has a dual purpose.

1. We are trying to make a little money to build our deck. We are way too big for our Trapeza, and way too small in means to build onto the building, but we can almost afford a covered and "conditioned" deck. It will have panels which can be rollwed down for very cold weathers, fans, and heaters, and we plan to use it year roud for our meals after liturgy.

2. We hope to be more of an influence in the community and want to have more events and interaction with the community in which we live and the entire DFW community.


If you can give a few hours of our time to help care for God's house, please contact Matushka Marina, Reader David or Deacon Nicholas and we'll tell you how you can help.

We have a list of things our parish needs. If you or somebody you know wish to supply one of these items, please contact us.




Prayer Requests

Our parish prayer list is constantly updated. We use it in both of our weekly liturgies (Thu and Sun), and our Monday Moleben. Some of us use it in our daily prayers. You are encouraged to print it out and use it also.

Here are some recent additions.




6/4 Matushka of +Deacon Polycarp Sherwood


6/4 email request to Priest Seraphim



Novice Alexander

6/9 Elder Hieronymus of Aegina said:  “God does not listen to the words, but sees the heart.” 


6/22 friend of Tim


7/4 mother of Leah (7/o), very sick


7/6 via Dcn Michael Bishop. Raised Orthodox, assembly of God pastor, warming back to the faith.

Unknown if Orthodox: Argelia, Jessica

7/6 Dan Rudder: drudder@crosscrafter.com I just received a call from a friend of ine asking for prayers for his sister Argelia and her daughter Jessica. Argelia was kidnapped in Matimorros Mexico (Brownsville, TX border), she was finally released but they took everything from her including her passport, visa all her information. I believe they still have the daughter.

Igumen Anastassy and the faithful of St. Peter the Aleut Church in Minot, North Dakota


7/6 Dan Rudder drudder@crosscrafter.com: His Grace, Bishop Matthias (OCA, ps) has asked me to send an email asking you to please pray for  Igumen Anastassy et al, who are suffering from the flooding.. Please remember them in the Divine Liturgy this weekend.    





6/28 via Juliana – worsened chronic condition.


6/29 soldier seriously injured in Afganistan


7/4 7 y/o, relapse leukemia.

Priest Haralampos

6/23 via John Tapsos Father Haralambos Fox who was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He has begun his chemotherapy treatments. Please remember him, Presvytera Joann and their children in your prayers and special paraklesis services. During this time, the parish of Saints Constantine and Helen in Lancaster will be served by Father Andew Lesko.

Not Orthodox: Elaine

6/24 Deacon Michael Bishop father@deaconmichael.com

Elaine has Ca, sees him on the street



Dn. Nicholas, Genevieve, Anna, Emilia, Sophia, Lucy, Nina


Natalia, Nicholas

5/1 Quillin in Ukraine

Irina, Alexander


Yuliya, Nikolai




Deacon Polycarp

6/4 ns. Sherwood. ROCOR Western Rite in Canada

Archpriest Philip

6/16 ns father of Reader Alexander Petrovsky

Hieromonk Panteleimon

6/19 ns. Indonesia


6/19 ns means Carnation. "Rosalie", family in Florida.

not Orthodox: Bjorn

7/1 father in law of Xenia (Norway)

  Anyone can make requests to this list.


Schedule of Divine Services in the Coming week

Saturday 7/9 

  • 4PM Confession
  • 5PM Vigil

Sunday 7/10

  • 10AM  Divine Liturgy

Monday 7/11

  • 7:30PM Vigil for the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul.

Tuesday 7/12 Holy Apostles Peter and Paul

  • 9AM Divine Liturgy

Wednesday 7/13

  • 7:00PM Vespers

Thursday 7/14

  • 9AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday 7/16 

  • 4PM Confession
  • 5PM Vigil

Sunday 7/17

  • 10AM  Divine Liturgy
  • 5PM  "Prayer and its Practice" talk at the Bingham House

Fasting this week

The fast of the Holy Apostles will continue until the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul on Tuesday. Wednesday and Friday are fasting days. On Wednesday, Fish wine and oil are allowed, and on Friday, Wine and Oil are allowed. 


Holy Apostles Peter And Paul
What defines the ministry of the Apostles?
Peter's confession.
The hundred and fifty three fish and the Restoration of Peter.
The life of the Apostles and the church is built upon the bedrock of the confession of faith.
Matthew 16:13-19 John 21:15-25

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