Scourged By The Whips Of Sin. Understanding Sin And Repentance


Synopsis: We must understand the nature and effect of sin. The Matins canon, especially, in the Triodion, describes this in many important ways. Sin is not so much things we do or do not do, as it is our condition – weakened and often estranged from God. Let us look at the Matins Canon for the 4th week of Great Lent as it continues the Lenten theme of exploring the parable of the prodigal son and understand about the "whips of sin", but looking at 3 stichera form the canon:
"My mind has been scourged by the whips of sin by wicked thieves and evil thoughts. Heal me, Christ my Savior, and save me for Thou art rich in mercy" (Matins Canon, 4th Sunday of Great Lent, Ode 1)
"I have wasted my God-given life on the passions, O Master, and I am fiercely scourged in every part by my transgressions; but I turn to Thee for refuge and I pray: Have pity on me" (Matins Canon, 4th Sunday of Great Lent, Ode 6)
"Scourging my mind with the passions, thieves have seized my wealth and left me as one dead, but take pity on me and save me O Lord. " (Matins Canon, 4th Sunday of Great Lent, Ode 1)

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