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Kursk Root Icon Visits Dallas

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010


On Friday, October 16/29th, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church was visited by the wonderworking Kursk-Root Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. This was truly a blessing not only for our small parish, but also for the Dallas-Fort Worth Orthodox community.

On Friday morning, Divine Liturgy was served in the presence of the icon by the parish rector, Fr. Seraphim Holland. There were over 100 people praying with us, and about 80 communicants.

house-blessing-b-02 Fr. Seraphim spent the day bringing our Lady's icon to many homes throughout the metroplex, returning to the church shortly after 7PM in time for a molieben with akathist at 7:30, and departing again afterward to visit several more homes throughout the evening / night.




Moleben before the Kursk Root Icon

An estimated 200 faithful from the Dallas area prayed in front of the holy icon at the molieben service, including 5 priests.

The atmosphere was festive as we all sang the praises of the Mother of God and sought her aid. One of our visitors left late in the evening with the words, “Christ is Risen!” — and truly, the visit of the wonder-working icon brought a renewal of the joy of Pascha to our community, for the renewal of the soul is the greatest of wonders.

On Saturday morning Fr. Seraphim took the icon to All Saints of America parish in DeQueen Arkansas and concelebted together with the parish rector, Fr George Brooks, and two other priests in a molieben with akathist in another overflowing church.

Since the visit, Fr. Seraphim has learned from a parishioner that for the first time in many years he is able to perform a poklon without pain. Previously he had been unable to bend even a small amount from the waist without great pain. He discovered this when he started to bend a tiny bit in his usual way. Not feeling the expected pain, he “kept going down”, and was able to bow deeply several times. Perhaps for some this is not an incredible miracle, but it is a great consolation for this man, and he expressed great thanks to God and His Most Pure Mother for quite unexpectedly helping him.


O Lord, I am weak… a prayer of Elder Sophrony of Essex

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010


Night View looking at the SE sides of the temple

Eventually we will have an illuminated sign where our "old rugged cross" is! That cross is a parish relic – we prayed in front of it every week for over a year before we broke ground. This was taken Oct 29, and is the way a yard *should* look on Halloween! Taken Oct 16/29, the night of the visit of the Kursk Root Icon.

O Lord, I am weak. Thou knowest this.

In fear I seek the way to Thee. Despise me not. Forsake me not in my fall.

Draw near even unto me, who am of no account, yet I thirst after Thee.

Take up Thine abode in me and do Thou Thyself perform in me all that Thou hast commanded of us.

Make me Thine for ever and ever, in love unshakeable.

Elder Sophrony of Essex


Parable Of The Sower Grace,faith,works. Audio Homily 2010.

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Christ the sower.


Synopsis: The Epistle and Gospel  selections today, which are rarely read together, both proclaim the Gospel – the "Good News" in both the same and different ways. Ephesians is the classic declaration of the Gospel,and the parable of the sower speaks in metaphor, but both declare that how the gospel is received by us and what we do with it determines whether or not we "bring forth fruit with patience", and be His workmanship … unto good works".

More homilies on the Parable Of The Sower are HERE


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