First Vigil in the new Temple – Matins video excerpts

Vigil, part 1:   Vigil, part 2:

Video introduction to the new temple on the day of its first liturgy

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2nd Sun after Pentecost. 3 Necessary Things. Audio Homily 2010

This Sunday’s readings are continuous, near the beginning of Matthew. They should be read as a whole and contain important instructions in three things that are absolutely necessary to be saved. We must decide to follow Christ, leave our nets, and climb to top of the Mountain, (the only place) where Christ is. Without simple resolutions on our part, we cannot ever understand the truth about the God-man, Jesus Christ

Second Sunday after Pentecost. All Saints of Russia. Multitudes May Claim To Be With Christ, But Few Really Follow. How do we do this?

Homily on the Second Sunday after Pentecost, All Saints of Russia
Multitudes May Claim To Be With Christ, But Few Really Follow
How do we do this?
Matthew 4:18-23,25-5:12

The readings today all have a common thread, and you must to be careful to see it. To be a saint — is to not be ordinary. If you are like the rest of the world, you’re not going to be a saint. In fact, if you’re like the rest of the world, you won’t be a Christian. …

The multitudes in anything, in any group of people, will not be completely sincere. I don’t care where you go, what you do. Most of the people that are practicing for football don’t really want to work that hard. Most of the people that say they are Christian don’t really want to follow the Commandments with that much effort.

Where the multitudes are, is apathy and neglect. …

Everybody followed but some followed more than others. And this is the lesson that we should know.