Gleanings:A house well swept.

No man is more easily approached by the Devil than one who lives in slothfulness and leisure: this is a house well swept and adorned for the Evil One. – St. Tikhon of Zadonsk

I saw this recently and it is along the same lines as a sermon I recently posted (The Sign of Jonas – Baptism, resurrection, repentance and obedience.).

St Tikhon and the sermon were referring to:

The Gergesenes Demoniacs. We are not so unlike the people of the Gergesenes! 2010 Audio Homily.

The reaction of the people of the Gergesenes to their encounter with Christ is a textbook example of how to kill the conscience. We would do well to recognize everything about this great tragedy, and be honest enough within ourselves to see how we often act like the people of the Gergesenes. Various ways to root out the passions shown by these people, which are common in our own lives, are discussed

Lots of icons online

I decided to put a whole lot of icons, most of which are used somewhere on our website, on Flickr, so others have access to them. I generally search for an icon with Google when I am finishing a sermons of something else for the website. Here is the fruit of my labors. This list will grow.

There are true icons, and also iconographic line drawings, and a few of those Protestant inks drawings that are sometimes really nice, and a few painting or photos of contemporaries, like Metropolitan Antony Krapovitsky.

Our Completed Church! Lots of pictures, from moving in to the 1st services.

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who hath begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

And at long last, the good work of building our church has been completed.

We have a beautiful new temple!!

Much more here, with lots of pictures, including the outside, living fence, the holy certificate of occupancy, the moving in process, first weekened services, and very cute grandchildren 9they have good genetics!)

Go to this post from my daughter’s excellent “Mommy blog”: