It has finally happened! Pictures of parking lot pour, and artisric designs for ouside stucco and stonework

We have had many delays in getting the parking lot done. Finally, today, we are pouring the parking lot and sidewalks

After Lazarus Saturday Liturgy I went over to see progress on the pour with Michael Daum, and was thrilled to also see some real artistry in the stone and stucco work. The pictures show some progress on the parking lot and stucco and stone work.

We will not come even close to getting in by Pascha, but I can say with confidence that our first liturgy will include the singing of “Christ is risen”!

Lazarus Saturday The Resurrection applies to us NOW.

The resurrection applies to us now brothers and sisters. Not later — now. It changes us now, makes us able to live now. It comforts us now. It burns away our passions and our sins now. “The kingdom of God is within you,” [4] Christ said. The Resurrection and the Life lives within us now.

We must understand this. We must live this.

nd we must approach Christ in these two ways that his beloved friends approached him. …

St Mary of Egypt. Two ways to learn to love. Audio Homily 2010.

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Fifth Sunday of Great Lent – St Mary of Egypt

This kind cannot come forth by anything but by prayer and fasting.
Without labor you can’t be saved.

This kind cannot come forth by anything but by prayer and fasting.[1] So we read last week. What is this kind that cannot come forth? The demoniac boy was made by the demons to fall into fire and water, the fire being impurity – the lusts of the flesh, all manner of anger, meanness, murder and strife, envy, and all other such things. And the water means a distraction with worldly things – avarice, desire for things, distraction. Fire and water: this kind comes out not but by prayer and fasting.

But today we see indeed, that this kind will come out – if prayer and fasting and labor are applied. We see this because we have the example, the spectacle, before us of holy mother Mary of Egypt …

We need some help to finish our temple in McKinney Texas

Reaching the final stages of our building project, St. Nicholas has encountered unexpectedly high costs for the completion of the landscaping required by the city of McKinney.

We have received a quote of $35,000: $7,600 for the installation of the required sprinkler system, $11,000 for the required trees and plants (the city has specified exactly what we must plant), and $15,000 for soil, fertilizer, grass and tree/plant installation.

This quote is about $20,000 higher than we expected, and these costs will prevent us from moving into our new facility – if we spend every dime we have available, we still will be far short. This is a critical time, and we need help.

Reflections on the Life of St Mary of Egypt.

On this Wednesday, we read the life of St Mary of Egypt, along with the entire Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete. We always do this service (matins with the Great Canon) the Fifth Wednesday of Great Lent ( puff, rtf) the week preceding the Sunday of St Mary of Egypt.

The reading of the life of St Mary of Egypt has always been intensely personal for me. I have actually been the one reading it for fifteen years now, but it was personal when I heard it read. It is the story of OUR redemption – what is wrong with us, what we must do, and especially how the grace of God will help us.

This story MUST be personal for every Christian. Different parts of it will touch us in different ways, but the key to understanding this story and getting any benefit with it is to make it personal. …