The Invisible Amalek. Typology of the Cross. 2nd Week of Great Lent – FRIDAY Matins

“Stretching out Thine hands upon the cross, O Lord, Thou hast killed the invisible Amalek and rescued thy people: therefore we sing the praises of Thy power.” Great Lent, the Second Week, Friday Matins, Ode V of the Canon

How wonderful the matins canon is! Any canon, but especially, it seems, those during Great Lent, interprets the Old Testament in the light of the New. There is a profound mix of history, typology and theology in our services, and the soul is thrilled to hear divine truths expressed in varied ways, with examples from the Old and New testaments.

Only in the light of our Lord’s passion can we understand the actions of Moses when his people fought the king Amalek: …

The Holy Eucharist and hearing the voice of God – Isaiah 6:1-12

Most people have heard or read this passage from Isaiah and understand that it refers to the Holy Mysteries. It is a prophesy of what was to come – after the incarnation of the God-man Jesus Christ, we would be fed with the bread which came down from heaven – the holy Eucharist.

As in all of Holy Scripture, true understanding is in the details. Those who have “ears to hear” listen closely, and perceive all shades of meaning. Those who do not have such ears are those whom the Lord orders Isaiah to give the message: …