Nativity Kontakion videos – English and Slavonic. – Today the Virgin

Nativity Kontakion – “Today the Virgin”. It is sung in a small room, in which the choir sometimes practices. It does not sound as good in the video as it does in person. Our little church is blessed with a very good choir, and what’s more – a peaceful one. Actually, we are all very peaceful, glory be to God. I believe we need to grow a little, but as we do, I pray that we do not change our personality. I have been around, and we have no “drama”, except when we have our Yolka (more videos to follow).

NB:The barren desert will bear many children.

The great power of the holy services of the church and especially the deeply theological and devotional content of matins is that it presents the important dogmas of our faith in startling and understandable ways. In every matins service, there is something that is too beautiful for words, and yet, the words being sung warm the soul and comfort it.

This sticheron above contains such words. A dogma of our faith is that Christ came so that human nature could change, be renewed, become holy. We know this (or should know this – many Christians do not understand this dogma), but in order for it to be completely active in us, we must experience it.

Here, the bearing of many children is used …