Report from Haiti

The following is a report from Dcn Matthew Williams after a week in Haiti.

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  1. This is a great warning. to all of us. As the more we are in the Church, the more we feel at home there. In some way it’s justified – as Church is Heaven on earth, and this is the place we really are alive. But is also a place where we ought to become better. The more we feel our obligation – towards ourselves in this light, and others – the more unworthy we feel. Vice verse – the more we feel comfortable & self-consoled, the father Heaven is from us. We often like to use such words as “our church”, “our monastery”, “our Batjushka”, meaning as if we belong. not as we owe. That we are worthy of something – just being there & having met people who are close to righteousness. And we seldom realize that we are there & with such people – only because of God’s mercy, only because we are unworthy, and just because He wants to save us & loves us – much more than we wish it all for ourselves. And instead of learning precious lessons & tending to follow the blessed examples, we become proud of ourselves, our imaginary virtues – that are so often appear helpless & fruitless when a critical testing point comes for them…where we discover we had none, and that we have been dwelling on illusions & self-deceit. We lack the fear, the suspicion towards; we like ourselves in Church, and – dislike others, who are not like ourselves.

    The story of the Publican & the Pharisee is a refreshing stream of water, which aims at our sobering, helping to realize what is to be sought in Church to achieve salvation – repentance & humility.

    Thanks, Father!

  2. Sorry, something strange happens to me today – place things in wrong places…The first comment relates to the Gospel Story of the Publican & Pharisee.

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