Freely ye have received, freely give. A fundamental principal of priestly ministry

Simony. Almsgiving. A great privilege. The multitudes and the pastoral heart. Laborers. 3rd Monday after Pentecost. A fundamental principle of the priestly ministry is contained here:   “freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)   Actually, Read More …

2nd Sun after Pentecost 2009. Multitudes may claim to be with Christ, but few really follow. Audio sermon.

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Sun of All Saints 2009. Audio Homily. I want you to be ready.

In order to be a saint – “Holy” – we are commanded to become holy – we must have desire and effort, and God will help us. If we do not have this desire and effort, God will not help us, and He will have no part with us.

We must, as the Lord says. “Confess” Him. He says something great and terrible: Whosoever will confess me before me.

One must understand what it means to confess. To confess in the Lord is is to live as He taught us, to have the priorities He taught us to have. Confession involved living the tight way. You cannot confession the Lord and steal, or be an adulterer. We must confess with the lips also – stand for what is right as Christians. We live in an age where good is called bad, and bad good. Abominations are deemed healthy, and to even believe that abominations are bad is labeled as bigoted, or even mental illness.

Let’s not talks about politics, or parties, or particular people – let’s talk about the age we are in, and what we must do – who we must be – in order to confess Christ in this age.