A White Gown

“Father, why are you sad?” – a pupil asked the elder.

“People forgotten how to see truth. Three times I showed three of you white clothes with a dirty stain. And I asked, ‘What do you see?’ ‘A dirty stain,’ said every one of you. And no one thought to answer – a white gown. “


From http://frmilovan.wordpress.com/2008/09/23/a-white-gown/


I try very often to impress upon my flock the importance of recognizing their progress. If we never feel we are making ANY progress at all, we often fall into deep despair. We may be like these white gowns, and have dirty stains, but the gowns are white! We must recognize the grace of God working in us. This is what I thought of when I read this little proverb about white gowns.


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  1. Mike says:

    I have been down for a bit, due to circumstances and the economy. This email reminds me that I have what I need for today and not to sweat the rest. God has come through for me before, and I am certain He will again…

    All the best to each of you!


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