Explanation of Scripture read by Orthodox Christians on the 10th Thursday after Pentecost 2 Corinthians 1:1-7 Matthew 21:43-46

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"The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. {23} This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes." (Psalms 117:22-23)


Matins, at "God is the Lord".


Jesus is the stone.

"Christ is called A Stone, not only because of His strength, but because He mightily crushes His enemies; whence it follows, And whoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken, and on whomever it shall fall, it shall grind him to powder" (St John Chrysostom)


"Christ is the stone, the builders are the Jewish teachers who rejected Christ, saying, This man is not of God." (St John Chrysostom)


"He is become the head of the corner, because He is the union of both sides between the Law and the Gentiles." (St Hilary of Potiers)


Jealousy and pride and a desire to keep the status quo.


The majority of the Jews would reject the Messiah and the church would be populated majorly by the Gentiles.


"Whoever sins, yet believes in Him, falls indeed upon a stone and is broken, yet is not altogether crushed, but is preserved to salvation through endurance." (St Jerome)


"But on whomsoever it shall fall, that is, whomsoever this stone shall itself assault, and whosoever shall utterly deny Christ, it shall so crush him, that not a bone of him shall be left in which a drop of water could be taken up." (St Jerome)


"Here is the difference between good and bad men. The good man when taken in a sin has sorrow because he has sinned, the bad man is grieved not because he has sinned, but because he is found out in his sin; and he not only does not repent, but is indignant with him that reproved him. Thus they being taken in their sins were stirred up to still greater wickedness; And they sought to lay hands on him, but feared the multitude because they took him for a Prophet." (St John Chrysostom)

Redeeming the Time

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