Gleanings from Orthodox Christian Authors and the Holy Fathers


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49. We cannot with all our heart forgive someone who does us wrong unless we possess real knowledge. For this knowledge shows us that we deserve all we experience. REF:Saint Kosmas Aitolos +1779

56. Real knowledge is patiently to accept affliction and not to blame others for our own misfortunes. REF:Saint Kosmas Aitolos +1779

81. Real knowledge has been given to men by God as a grace preceding the fullness of grace; it teaches those who partake of it to believe above all in the Giver. REF:Saint Kosmas Aitolos +1779

83. When an intellect forgets real knowledge, it fights with men for harmful things as though they were helpful. REF:Saint Kosmas Aitolos +1779

124. If a man is treated with contempt by someone and yet does not react with anger in either word or thought, it shows he has acquired real knowledge and firm faith in the Lord. REF:Saint Kosmas Aitolos +1779

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