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"When John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, was exiled to Coucouson, he stayed at our house; from which we drew much boldness and love towards God. My brother, Adelphios, said that when the blessed John died in exile, it was unbearable pain to him that such a man, the universal teacher of Christendom who made glad the Church of God with his words, should have fallen asleep away from his episcopal seat.

I prayed to God with many tears to show me his present state of existence and whether he was ranged among the patriarchs. I prayed like this for a long time and then, one day, I fell into a trance and saw a very fine-looking man. Taking me by the right hand, he led me into a bright and glorious place where he showed me the proclaimers of piety and the doctors of the Church. For my part, I looked around for him who I so greatly desired to see, the great John, my beloved. He showed me them all and spoke the name of each one of them; then he took my hand again, and led me out. I followed, lamenting that I had not seen the saintly John among the fathers.

As we were coming out, he who stood at the door said to me: 'Nobody who comes here goes forth sorrowing.' Then I said to him: 'This grief is upon me because I have not seen my most dear John, Bishop of Constantinople, among the other doctors.'

Again he spoke to me, 'Do you mean John, the Prince of Repentance? A man in the flesh cannot see him, for he stands in the presence of the Lord's throne." THE SPIRITUAL MEADOW of John Moschos

Redeeming the Time

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