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Feasts Of The Lord

Feasts Of The Theotokos

  • Feasts Of The Theotokos (mp3 format)
  • Dormition
    After Liturgy Short Talk
    SYNOPSIS:A short talk about the Dormition of the Theotokos.
    • Dormition means falling asleep
    • The Story.
    • A balanced view.
    • The intercession of the Theotokos.
    • Heresies about the Theotokos:
      • The heresy of the Theotokos as "co-mediatrix"
      • The heresies of The "Immaculate Conception" and "Original Sin" are discussed at length. VERY IMPORTANT!
    • The ever-virginity of the Theotokos explained.

Lives Of Saints

  • Lives Of Saints (mp3 format)
  • Holy Prophet and King David, Joseph the Betrothed, James The Just, the Brother of the Lord
    Commemorated on the Sunday after Theophany.
    SYNOPSIS:A homily describing on the Eve of the Sunday after Nativity during matins, describing the Holy Prophet and King David, Joseph the Betrothed, James The Just, the Brother of the Lord. Why are these saints commemorated near to Nativity? What do they teach us about the Nativity?

Missing Pages

  • The Protection of the Mother of God and the choir of the Saints. A great comfort in the normal life of a Christian. (mp3 format)
  • 2014-10-11
    SYNOPSIS:A "Missing Page" in the Christian knowledge and practice of many good hearted believers who do not know of the Orthodox Church is our every day reality that the Saints intercede for us. Everyone understands that angels do God's bidding on the earth, and intervene in the affairs of men, but many do not understand that since God is the God of the living, and not the dead, the Saints are alive and also pray to God for us and intercede on our behalf. The feast day of the Protection of the Mother of God clearly illustrates this every day reality that we live with and which comforts us. We explain this feast which occurs on Oct 1 according to the church calendar (Oct 14 on the Gregorian calendar), and the only thing extraordinary about it was that two holy people saw Mary, the mother of Jesus interceding in heaven for us, along with St John the Baptist and St John the Evangelist, not that it occurred, because the intercession of the saints occurs every day. We are a church of miracles, which are usually seen only by those who think and live spiritually.

Orthodox Worship

  • Orthodox Worship (Adobe PDF format)
  • Temple Design
    A tour of our temple and explanation of the symbolism and meaning of various parts of it.
    Also in Format: mp3
    SYNOPSIS:A talk during our first "Visitor Sunday" by Reader David Hawthorne, giving a tour of the temple and explaining the symbolism of various parts of it, with many scriptural citations. The pdf document accompaning this talk is chock full of information about an Orthodox temple, and supplements the talk.
  • Orthodox Worship (mp3 format)
  • Icons Theology,symbolism
    Holy Fathers Of The Seventh Ecumenical Council
    SYNOPSIS:An after liturgy talk about the Holy Fathers Of The Seventh Ecumenical Council, and icons. The major contribution of this council, the reasons for iconoclasm (one of the reasons is Islam), parallels to today, the major theological "statement" of icons, and a little about symbolism in icons, such as their being in 2 dimensions and having "unrealistic" details, the meaning of a cross or gospels in an icon, and the appearance of Jesus in icons with the Virgin Mary.


  • Orthopraxis (mp3 format)
  • Fall Stewardship Campaign Part 1
    Stewardship And Loving Our Neighbor
    by Deacon Nicholas Park
  • Orthopraxis (mp3 format)
  • Fall Stewardship Campaign Part 3
    Giving Our Fruits Must Happen To Increase Our Faith
    2 Corinthians 8:12 Deuteronomy 14:22-23
    SYNOPSIS:What I want as your pastor is that everyone gives to the church. The amount is not a critical thing to me. What is critical to me, as your pastor, is that you give of your fruits to God and it will increase your faith. I know this to be true in my own lie and the lives of many I have counseled...
  • Orthopraxis (mp3 format)
  • Fall Stewardship Campaign Part 4
    Make Your Vows And Pay Them To The Lord Our God
    Psalm 75:10
    SYNOPSIS:Psalm 75:10, "Make your vows and pay them to the Lord our God", was the prokeimenon for today. Reader David Hawthorne shares how this verse is very timely for our community, and reads a portion of a commentary from Blessed Augustine and briefly expounds upon it. The point is: we must make some vow to the Lord, even if it is a "widow's mite", to gain spiritual discipline in our lives.
  • Orthopraxis (Word DOC format)
  • Nativity Fast
    Fasting Typikon. Why fast?
    Also in Format: mp3
    SYNOPSIS:A short talk on the Nativity Fast, on the day the fast began. The Nativity Fast and Great Lent Compared, Nativity Fasting Typikon, Fasting until the Ninth Hour, Why Fast? How does the fast apply to you? (Office parties,Family,The Belly,Prayer,Almsgiving,If you do not fast well). The outline was used in the talk.
  • Orthopraxis (Word DOC format)
  • Baptism And Emergency Baptism
    Also in Format: mp3
    SYNOPSIS:a Short talk about the minimum requirements for baptism, and emergency baptism, which is a baptism performed withot a priest when a person is in danger of immanent death. Who can perform this baptism, how should it be done, and what must be done after the baptism is performed. The text is an outline of the talk.
  • Orthopraxis (mp3 format)
  • Entering The Church
    SYNOPSIS:What should we do when we enter the church for the first time that day? Discussion of bows (poklons), prostrations, and venerating icons in church.
  • Orthopraxis (HTML format)
  • Offering Prosphora
    Proskimidia,service Of Preparation
    Also in Format: Word DOC or mp3
    SYNOPSIS:A short talk on prosphora, which follows the text outline pretty closely. What is prosphora? Styles of Prosphora. How and when is prosphora used? Important pastoral notes, explaining the meaning of commemoration at proskimidie and how to offer prosphora the best way, and local notes about offering prosphora at St Nicholas.
  • Orthopraxis (mp3 format)
  • Oil
    SYNOPSIS:Oil is used in many ways in the church. This short talk describes chrism, the "oil of gladness", and other uses for oil.
  • Orthopraxis (mp3 format)
  • The Four Bows
    SYNOPSIS:The "Four Bows" - a simple set of prayers that should begin the day for everyone. Excellent for children. Also descibed in the article The Four bows
  • Orthopraxis (Word DOC format)
  • Three Questions About The Cross regarding the sign of the cross,prostrations on sunday and ,venerating the cross or any icon in church
    Also in Format: mp3
  • Orthopraxis (Adobe PDF format)
  • To Pray For Someone More Diligently
    Prayer Of St Silouan Of Mount Athos For All People
    Also in Format: Word DOC or mp3
    SYNOPSIS:Two prayers that everyone should have for their personal prayer rule. The prayer of St Silouan is especially important. St Silouan prayed for all the people of the world. This is a sure sign of love. We must cultivate habits that build this kind of love. The audio explains a little about these prayers and quotes them. The word document contains these two prayers. It can be printed and cut into quarters to have 4 sheets with both prayers.
  • Sanctity Of Life Sunday - Christians Must Not Accept Abortion And Sexual Immorality Being Redefined (HTML format)
  • 2011-01-23
    Also in Format: Word DOC or mp3
    SYNOPSIS:Excerpt: ...I want to tell you that as a Christian, you must not allow the times to influence you. Right now we are in the midst of the rewriting of language; even "God" means something different now than it did only a few years ago, and "Christian" means something different. Now, there are those that say that: You can be a Christian and be pro choice; You can be a Christian and abort your child; You can be a Christian and be a practicing unrepentant homosexual. These things are not possible, brothers and sisters. You can be a Christian and be guilty of any sin and repent from it. You can be a Christian and be weak in some area of your life, maybe even for a long period of time, and struggle against this weakness. But you cannot be a Christian and give in wholly to the way of the times and believe: That one can be pro-choice and that it is correct for a woman to take that which is in her womb, a human being created in the image and likeness of God, and kill it. ...
  • Orthopraxis (mp3 format)
  • How To Prepare For Confession
    SYNOPSIS:A short talk on how to prepare for confession. Some of it is not what you might expect, but several practical items are mentioned.
  • Parish Meeting Address. The Purpose Of A Parish. (mp3 format)
  • 2012-02-12
    SYNOPSIS:Pastor's address at annual meeting, 2012. This is part homily, part sharing from the heart, part progress report, and part exhortation and thanksgiving. The most important part is at the beginning - the "Purpose of a parish"
  • Incense: Why do we use it and what does it mean? Hint: The image and likeness of God and the incarnation! (mp3 format)
  • Incense
    SYNOPSIS:Why do we use incense? What might be the reaction to incense of a person first visiting the church? What does incense signify? What dogmas does it proclaim?
  • "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." The Orthodox understanding of this much misunderstood verse. (mp3 format)
  • Matthew 23:9
    SYNOPSIS:We call priests, deacons & monks "Father" & nuns "Mother", we have spiritual fathers and Godfathers, not to mention natural fathers. Some who believe that all that can be known about Christianity is in the Bible think this is unbiblical and even blasphemous and an abomination. What are we to say? We will appeal to Scripture which shows the real meaning of this verse, and that the calling of some men "Father" in the proper sense is actually very Biblical. The principles of Orthodox exegesis of the Scripture are explained.
  • Venerating icons: Why do we do it (theological and practical human reasons) and how do we do it? (mp3 format)
  • 2013-12-15
    SYNOPSIS:A little talk about venerating icons. Why do we paint icons? There is an important theological reason. Why do we venerate them? Is this important? There are important theological and understandable "human" reasons. Read this especially if seeing people venerate icons freaks you out!
  • Questions about the church: what, when, why, its purpose,why liturgical prayer, etc (mp3 format)
  • A Catechism course
    SYNOPSIS:Many questions about the church answered. What is the church? What is its purpose? When was it formed? Why so much liturgical prayer? How does one approach the stuff it is that seems weird? Many more fundamental questions.
  • Holy Water and the Small Blessing of Water. (mp3 format)
  • 2014-10-20
    SYNOPSIS:An explanation about holy Water and the Small Blessing of Water.
  • Orthopraxis (Adobe PDF format)
  • Matthew 23-9
    Also in Format: Word DOC

Prayers Of The Church

Prayers Of The Church Lenten Prayers

Redeeming the Time

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